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Corrina Tierney, Conveyancing Clerk

Studying to become a Licenced Conveyancer through Macquarie University – Conveyancing Law & Practice – commenced the course in 2014 and to be completed in 2018.


  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Industrial Mathematics and Computing)
  • Certificate IV in Procurement (Government)

Past experience

25 Years APS in Department of Defence

  • Executive Director / Senior Manager
  • Programme Manager (School Pathways Programmes)
  • Contract/Deed/Panel Manager
  • Business & Financial Manager

Mother of 3, one in Yr10, one in 1st year Uni, and one working after finishing Yr 12 in 2016 (just started with BDN).

I was born into a Navy family, attending many schools and moving around a lot as I grew up.

What led you to BDN?

I commenced my studies to become a Licenced Conveyancer in 2014 whilst working in Defence, and was looking for the right opportunity to make the switch into a conveyancing practice and start working in my new field of study. BDN was well known to me for its conveyancing practice, encompassing both ACT and NSW, and spanning residential, rural and commercial conveyances. BDN was my preferred place to work as I felt I would have the opportunity to gain the broad range of experience I would need to develop into a reputable and experienced Licenced Conveyancer. In late 2015 the perfect opportunity presented itself to apply for a position in BDN at the same time as finishing up my career with Defence. One could say that the planets aligned, and here I am.

Before you worked at BDN, what were you doing?

I was in the Australian Public Service, in the Department of Defence, for over 25 years. I started in the APS as a trainee administration officer, reaching the position of Executive Director. In more recent years I managed a large number of differing teams within the Commercial Group of the Defence Materiel Organisation, including Financial Investigation Services, the Strategic Commercial Legal Panel, the DMO Support Services Panel, and Defence Industry Programmes (School Pathways Programs, Engineering Internships, and the National Sponsorship of the F1 in Schools program). I gained broad commercial/contract management experience and was well regarded for attention to detail and getting things done.

What are your specialities within the firm?

As part of a strong and skilled conveyancing team, we each have differing styles and strengths which complement each other to make our team whole. I have a strong attention to detail, a good memory and an ability to multi task very well, some might say I work really well in organised chaos!

What are you most passionate about within your role?

Helping our clients achieve their goal. Our whole role is about helping our clients achieve the outcome of buying or selling property with as little fuss as possible and as smoothly as can be achieved. I think that we should all be striving to work with ‘the other side’ to complete the conveyance because we are in fact all trying to achieve the same thing, the sale & purchase of the property. We should be working together with our counterparts in other firms to do this, and attempting to reduce the combativeness that can at times occur. Conveyancing should be one of the situations when we can truly strive for a win-win situation.

What is your job highlight?

Knowing that you have assisted someone through what can appear to be quite a complex and daunting process, in as stress-free a way as possible. It is very rewarding to help our clients achieve what they want (either buying or selling).

Are there any job lowlights?

The stress when things don’t go smoothly and the frustration of trying to get things beyond your control fixed.

The challenges of trying to work with the other firms that have a tendency to be combative.

When you’re not in the office, what do you like to do?

What I actually do versus what I’d like to do are two often very different things. I’d like to have time to sew, read, do Sudoku and jigsaws, and relax down the Coast. However, as a married mother of three, between my study, my kids’ study, being an involved dance mum with my youngest daughter in the Senior Troupe at One2Step Dance Academy at Bungendore, and normal domestic life, my pastimes fare quite low in our schedule of families activities.

Corrina Tierney, Conveyancing Clerk
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